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"Tarn was able to analyse complex scientific data on the climate and ecological crisis and turn it into accessible and engaging content. She has a rare ability to convey complex information into plain language. The information booklet that Tarn wrote went through twelve iterations and received multiple input and feedback from leading scientists and indigenous knowledge keepers. The document was translated into more than 40 languages and it was used as part of multilingual deliberation between citizens from around the world." - Claire Mellier, co-founder of the Global Assembly

"An exceptionally strong writer and editor, Tarn is among that rare breed of creative professionals who manages to combine a firm foundation in traditional media with a deep understanding of emerging new paradigms in fields from culture and wellbeing to spirituality and systems thinking. Tarn would be an invaluable contributor to any organisation seeking people equipped to navigate this dawning decade of disruption, as well as a great colleague for anyone seeking an editor for written or audio work for their individual project. I cannot recommend her highly enough." - Matthew Green, Global Investigations Editor at DeSmog

"Tarn is an exceptionally sharp and thoughtful editor. We were able to produce a great story together and her collaborative approach makes her a joy to write for. I'm already looking forward to the next piece we work on. Thanks, Tarn!" - Lauren Razavi, author and journalist

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